As former Speaker Pro Tempore of the Ohio House of Representatives, I know what it takes to be a successful State Representative. This is why I’m endorsing Don Manning in the 59th District. I’ve known Don for many years and I know he has the ability and motivation to do the job.
— Chuck Blasdel
I support and endorse New Middletown councilman Don Manning for State Representative, a dedicated intelligent citizen that will work hard for the citizens of the 59th district at the State House. Don has a unique ability to make decisions based on fact finding and discerning the overall picture, no one, in my opinion is more qualified to represent us in Columbus. A true leader that believes in our district. That’s why I’m voting Don Manning for State Representative.
— Donald Williams, Springfield Township Trustee
Don is a good man. He is always there for us Veterans. I, and a lot of my veteran friends are supporting Don. He is a leader that will fight for us veterans, He isn’t a robot for the party. He is what we need. I ask all my veteran friends, vote for and support Don Manning.
As a Vietnam combat veteran he has my support.
— Leo H Connelly Jr, DAV
I am asking everyone to support Don Manning for the 59th district in Ohio house of representatives. Don is tenacious and dedicated. He will not rest until the changes are made in our state to benefit our children, our companies and our citizens. The days of electing by name recognition need to be over! Do your homework then vote Don Manning!
— Geno Difabio , Local Celebrity
I’m endorsing Don Manning for the office of State Representative because of his diligence to the community. Don has made a career out of tackling the ills of society, through his work experience as a Case Manger. He is going to be relentless in his pursuit for legislation that empowers the working family in order to place Mahoning Valley back on the map.
— Corrie Sanderson, Youngstown City School Board
Don Manning is the person we need representing us in the 59th State House District. The way Ohio funds its schools was declared unconstitutional two decades ago, but nothing has been done to change it. Mr. Manning is willing to challenge the status quo. His work ethic is unparalleled. I fully trust that he will work tirelessly to protect our rights and make Ohio a better place to live.
— Taylor Christain - South Range School Board Member
Don Manning, New Middletown Councilman, is running for State Representative for the great state of Ohio. I am fully supporting Don for State Representative. Don Manning could not be a better choice to represent the citizens of the Mahoning Valley! He has fresh ideas, hard committed to do the right thing and gifted in bringing people together. He really listens to all ideas and works hard to produce actual results. Its not just talk, its action! Finally someone willing to work us, the Mahoning Valley!!
— Pamela Simmons - Beaver Township Trustee
Over the past few years I have had the good fortune to really get to know Don Manning. Don is a current Councilman in New Middletown, Ohio , and is running State Representative- 59th District, he has my full support and backing. Don is truly motivated by a desire for better government and is not afraid voice his opinion about government failures or the shortcomings of office holders. He is a true believer, an incredibly hard worker and would actually represent the interests of people of the 59th District. I believe Don Manning possesses the type of integrity that is in such short supply in today’s political world, that is why I am supporting him for the 59th!
— Attorney Damian Degenova

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