Boardman SCHOOL TAX INCREASE - Yes or No...?

This huge tax increase seems to be the talk of this political Primary season. The tax levy that is on the ballot would raise 49 MILLION DOLLARS for the school. The school and the tax Proponents claim the money is needed because of the state cutbacks on school funding. They also claim they are losing money because students are leaving the district. This is true, but, why would you need more money to educate less students(800 less)...? Common sense tells us that if you have less students, less teachers and staff would be needed. However, over the course of losing over 800 students, staff numbers have INCREASED....??? So, if you have more staff and less students, it is no wonder why the school would be in dire straights.

Unfortunately, this is what is happening to government entities all over. They continue to INCREASE SPENDING while actively LOSING REVENUE. Then cry about needing MORE MONEY and say things like: "Don't you care about our tradition...?" "Its about the kids, don't you care about the kids.." and, of course these are ridiculous things to say, because I have never met a person, in my life that didn't want the best for the kids. HOWEVER, the government leaders need to be held accountable for their actions.THEY are the reason the school is in financial trouble. Their refusal to live within their means is what did this. NOT the State, NOT the students, NOT the parents. Actions have consequences. Instead of blaming people for wanting to stop paying more for wasteful spending, when are we going to start electing different leaders...?

How about we stop electing people because "they are a nice guy" or because "his father was a nice guy" or "I know that name" How about we start electing EFFECTIVE leaders who will do their jobs instead of just thinking if they run out of money we will just give them more money to waste, by RAISING TAXES, on us. I get the argument that costs are going up, but, guess what, costs are going up for EVERY ONE of us. WE NEED OUR MONEY for our expenses. 

What do you think...???