Do Contested Elections Really Make For a Stronger Party...?

Over the last several years in Mahoning County we have seen contested elections. What I mean by "contested elections", for the purpose of this blog, is people in the same political Party running against each other in a primary election and for Party Offices. At one time, before our Party started showing real signs of life, the thought was there was no reason for a Republican to spend time or money running against a fellow Republican in a Primary election or for a Party Office. However, as our Party evolves with the times, more and more people are becoming active. Many people in our area have become active,  in search of change, and against what some would call "the swamp". 

The "old school" ways of local politics are changing. Many in our Party are looking for the same things in the local Party, as they voted for in the last Presidential election. To Make Mahoning County Great Again, along with the the Nation, under Trump-like conservative leadership. Unfortunately, even in local politics, the swamp includes some that want to cling to or gain power, no matter who gets in their way: old friends, candidates, and new conservatives, included. 

About three years ago, I was personally faced with a contested Primary Election. And, with the old school of thought, I asked why. Why do I have to spend my time and money to campaign against someone in my own Party, in spite of Ronald Reagan's, famous 11th Commandment. When I inquired and asked these questions, I was told "Contested elections make for a stronger Party." Of course I was told this by someone that, themselves had never had to raise money for or campaign against someone in their own Party. Fortunately, I won that Primary, however I spent what I thought was unnecessary time and money that could have been used against the opponent in the other Party that I faced that following November. 

The Irony, or better yet, the hypocrisy, of this, is now the same person who told me "Contested elections make for a stronger Party", now has a contested election of their own. The rumor mill is churning hard and this person "Wants to know who would dare put someone up to challenge them." Even I am being blamed. So, to answer my own rhetorical question: Do Contested Elections Really Make For a Stronger Party...? I guess it depends. I guess it depends on if you are the one being contested or not. The person who told me contested elections make for a better party, probably doesn't feel that way right now...!!! What are your thoughts...??? Please leave a comment as to your thoughts and check out the rest of my website while you are here...!!! 

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