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This is a shortened version of my Biography. Please check out the rest of my website, while you are here, to find out even more...!!! I have been serving the local community for many years in the Mental Health, Addiction, and Behavioral Health field. This is not a hobby for me,  this is what I do for a living. Please feel free to ask any questions you might have...!!! Thank you for becoming more informed before voting. and Vote Like Your Future Depends On It...


-Don Manning


- USN Veteran

- Bachelor’s Degree in Social and Criminal Justice: Double Minor, Sociology & Political Science

- Current New Middletown Village Councilman

- Quality & Compliance Analyst: Youth Intensive Services: Conduct internal Government Fraud, Waste and Abuse Investigations

- Criminal Justice Advisor: Mahoning Valley Resource Initiative (Drug & Alcohol Addiction counseling firm)

- Mental Health/Addiction/Behavioral Health Company Trainer: YIS

- Safe Crisis Management Instructor: I Teach State approved de-escalation techniques and physical restraints. YIS

- Red Cross CPR/First Aid/AED Instructor: YIS

- Coalition for a Drug Free Mahoning County member

- Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Facilitator Certified: Mahoning County Juvenile Justice Center

- Mahoning County Chairman: Dave Yost for Ohio Attorney General Campaign

- I have managed Multi-Million dollar budgets in the private sector.

I have the the education, real world experience, and knowledge to tackle the issues facing Ohio, especially the Opioid Crisis.

Vote Like Your Future Depends On It...

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