State Central Committee Races... Does negative campaigning work...??

One of the more hotly contested races in our area is the Republican State Central Committee Races, and its getting ugly. In Ohio The State Central Committee Districts are exactly the same as the Senate Districts. Ours, the 33rd District is ALL of Mahoning and Columbiana Counties.  There is an elected committeeman and an elected committeewoman, for a total of two people elected in each District. 

First lets talk about the COMMITTEEMAN position. There are two candidates actively running. In the spirit of transparency, I was in this race and dropped out. When I offered my letter of intent to the Board of Elections to drop out of that race (I AM STILL RUNNING FOR STATE REPRESENTATIVE, don't worry...!!!), it was too late to have my name pulled off of the ballot. So, my name will be on your ballot for State Central Committee, and I am not running. Who is running...?

The incumbent, Dave Johnson, The Columbiana County Party Chairman, who has held the position of State Central Committeeman for many years. He is and always has been  unwavering Conservative. He is the owner of The Spread eagle Tavern,(an awesome historical bed and breakfast/restaurant in Hanoverton) and Summitville Tile. Dave doesn't just talk the talk he walks the walk, as his record shows. 


Running against him, is Mark Monroe, Mahoning County Party Chairman, and he has held that position for many years, and was the previous State Central Committeeman, along side of Dave Johnson, before the counties were put together. Mark works for Compco Industries, owned by the former Republican Party Chairman(Clarence "Sonny" Smith, and was appointed by Governor John Kasich to the Ohio Gaming Commission, when the Racino came to Austintown. Mark has been in a leadership role within the Republican Party for many years. 

I want to explain something about my involvement in this race, because there have been some rumors and untruths being spread about that. I got into that race to take on a leadership role. Not in the traditional sense, but in an attempt to be enough of an influence to encourage Mark and Dave to sit down and talk and maybe come to some sort of agreement that wouldn't pit Mahoning County and Columbiana County against each other. My attempt failed, however,  I stood up and tried to make it happen, even when nobody else would.  That is because that's who I am, who I always will be and i will always stand up and fight for what is right, regardless of the players in the game. Right is always right...

Now we see that what I was trying to prevent is in full swing, and its getting ugly. There have been lies, untruths, and smear campaigning against one time strong Party allies. but, as I was once told, "...contested races make for a stronger party..." I guess we will have to see if the person who told me that will still stand by that statement on May 9th, the day after this is all settled. 

Onto the COMMITTEEWOMAN RACE: Tracy Winbush, the Incumbent and current Vice Chair of the Mahoning County Republican Party, has held the Central Committeewoman position for several years, and she is currently the State Republican Party Treasurer. She has recently come under fire for some of her votes while serving on on the State Central Committee, personal business practices, supporting John Kasich in the Republican Primary against President Trump,(she later went on to become The Mahoning County Chairperson for President Trump during the general election cycle) supporting Matt Borgess over Jane Timkin, for the Ohio Republican Party Chair. One of the things she says she has been able to do is create inroads to Youngstown City for Republicans. 

  Monica Blasdell, Monica brings a long resume of supporting Conservative political causes, She works in State Government, in the Lieutenant Governor's Office, her mother is a member of the 7th District Court of appeals, and her husband is a former State Representative and served as the Speaker of the House, Pro Tempore as a part of the House Leadership team. She says she would like to continue the conservative message of the Ohio Republican party, for years to come, and "I have the experience and ability to get that done"

Challenger number 2, Corrine Sanderson, who is currently serving on the Youngstown City School board, former candidate for State Representative, 58th District. Her literature says she is "UNSTOPPABLE" and as many signs as I see around the District, its clear she wants everyone to know her name. Some have said that Corrine's presence in this race was because of opposing forces wanting her to"split" the Mahoning County Vote, which would likely favor Monica over Tracy. However, Corrine has told me "i'm not a cutter, I'm a winner" However, Corrine has recently been accused of causing Tracey to lose her radio show, due to a political "equal time" request. 

Now, back to the topic at hand, this race has become one of the most negative races I can remember in local politics. and, its Republican vs Republican. My opinion: The positive, it shows we finally have Republicans who are starting to show that we Republicans have the guts and are willing to fight for what we believe in. The negative: The lies and mudslinging (yes, even towards me, from some of my fellow Republicans, you know who you are, and so do, I) could bring long term damage to our Party, I have even been told that I need to keep my nose out of the State Central Races or my own party would put someone up against me... Yet, here we are... I'm not scared... !!! So the question of the day: How do you feel about negative, mudslinging, inter-party fighting...? This should be good... LOL...!!! ...and GO...!!!