How do you become an informed and educated voter...? MEET AND TALK WITH THE CANDIDATES, find out how, here...

So, tomorrow is the BIG DAY...!!! We have an all-star line up of speakers, Great Food, and  Great Band for your entertainment. Don't miss your chance to attend an event at the famous CADOBOZ Estate of Dr. Naffa. If you have never been to an event at this venue, you don.t know what you have been missing. Please RSVP and tickets can be purchased right here on my website, under donations. Here a a list of the Special Guests and Speakers:

JIM RENACCI.............. Keynote Speaker


-Stephanie Stock, VP, OAMF

-Matt Lynch, (Candidate for Ohio Court of Appeals)

-Colleen O'Toole(Judge, Ohio Court of Appeals)

-Kathi Creed(Candidate for State Central Committeewoman)

-Melissa Pope(Candidate for State Central Committeewoman) 

 -Robert Sprague(State Rep & Candidate for Ohio Treasurer)

-Chris DePizzo(Candidate for U.S. Congress)

-Jim Hughes(Candidate for State Representative 63rd Dist)

-Don Manning(New Middletown Councilman & Candidate for State Representative 59th Dist.)

-Martha Yoder(Candidate for State Representative 64th District)

-Mike Gibbons(Candidate for U.S. Senate) SPONSOR

-Justice Mary DeGenaro(Ohio Supreme Court Justice)

-Mary Williams(Candidate for Trumbull County Commissioner)

-Rick Barron(Candidate for Mahoning County Commissioner)

-Ron Knight(Candidate for State Central Committeeman)

-Monica Blasedel(Candidate for State Central Committeewoman)

-Sara Koover(Candidate for Family Court Judge)

Come out and meet the candidates. Talk to them about your concerns and see how they feel on the issues, first hand. Become an informed and educated voter. This is how you do it...!!!


-Don Manning


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