HIGHER TAXES Do you think Government should live within their means or do you support even more taxes...?

While I think we all agree that some taxes are a necessary evil, have we reached the point of over taxation...? Every household has to make things work with the income they have. If expenses outweigh the income, something has to happen. Either you cut the spending or you go out and work for more income. Why do elected officials think that they can just raise taxes and keep increasing their spending. Its not their money. Why do Villages, Townships, and School Boards always want more of our hard earned money...? Why do they use the same old worn out "scare tactics" like and guilt like: "your poor children  will have to walk to school if we cut busing" "Don't you care about your children?" "We will have to cut this or that service from your children" "We obviously care more about your children than you do" Why don't they cut their own salaries, if they care that much...?

Yes, I have heard all of these things actually said, first hand. In my opinion, if they really cared about our children as much as they claim, they would reduce/eliminate wasteful spending. Let's be real, there is wasteful spending at all government levels. Because its NOT their money and if they want more they will just put another levy on the ballot and use their scare tactics to guilt you into giving them more. And, I'm really getting tired of hearing "It's ONLY a .50 cents a day, aren't your kids worth .50 cents a day,,?" Let's be REAL CLEAR, it's not just .50 cents a day, or whatever number they are using, IT'S MILLIONS OF DOLLARS FOR THEM TO WASTE...!! and, why after every tax increase do these same government agencies give raises to EVERYONE including the relatives they have on the payroll. Will this make them better workers...? 

Don't get me wrong I think everyone should be able to make make a living wage, but, I feel the governments should make the hard decisions and the cuts to reward good employees if they really feel they are underpaid. Isn't this why we elected them..? To make the tough decisions and responsibly maintain their budgets and be good financial stewards of OUR money...? WHAT DO YOU THINK...?????

Don Manning3 Comments