Jim Renacci, Mike Gibbons, Melissa Ackison for U.S. Senate: Who do you support..?

The armchair political quarterbacks are making predictions all over the place in this race:

Jim Renacci who started his campaign in the Governor's race called himself "...not a politician." However he is a former Mayor and currently a Congressman. He is a conservative who seems to champion the conservative causes with the voting record to back that claim up and he was a supporter of President Trump from the beginning. 

Mike Gibbons, a very successful businessman, who also calls himself the outsider candidate, and preaches the conservative mantra. His successful business sense, would do him well in the Senate, and be good for all of us, in my opinion. claims have been made that he didn't support President Trump and gave financial support to Marco Rubio in the Presidential Primary.

Melissa Ackison who really is an outsider candidate. She claims that she has been a supporter of President Trump from the beginning. Despite her lack formal secondary education, she is an extremely successful businesswoman that was asked to sit on Presidential committees for the Trump Administration. She also expresses her desire to be a champion of the Conservative Movement.

Dennis Jones and Dan Kiley are also in this race, however most people have never heard of either one of them. 

I have personally spoken with Jim Renacci, Mike Gibbons, and Melissa Ackson. In my opinion, any one of these three can beat career, leftist, Hillary(and: Chuck Shumer, Maxine Waters, and the rest of the crazy left bunch)supporting politician Sherrod Brown. Any one of these three would do a much better job of representing Ohio, in Washington. No matter which one of these candidates are victorious on May 8th, we need to get behind them to ensure a win in November.  I would enjoy hearing your thoughts on who you are supporting, and why...???



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