Ohio Governor's Race... who is your candidate...?

       This is a hotly contested election, this year. I am curious as to everyone's opinion on this. Here is my take: I was a supporter of Jim Renacci for Governor before he decided to run for the U.S. Senate. Then after looking at the candidates left in the race, I became a John Husted for Governor fan. While I predicted there would be some sort of deal making going on to re-align political alliances, I did not predict a DeWine/Husted Team. Now, with early voting already started and election day just over two weeks away, the showdown between Mary Taylor and Mike DeWine, is raging on. 

       Trump supporters may like DeWine's stance on Illegal immigration and the border wall, while Gun owners may prefer Mary Taylor's consistent A Rating with the NRA. This is truly one of the political races I am torn on. I see positives and negatives on both sides. Now, don't get me wrong I think EITHER of them, will be MUCH better than the crazy liberal alternatives. What do you think..?


Don Manning4 Comments