Here we are, 14 days away from what could be the biggest local election in our lifetime. We have a great slate of Republican candidates for every seat that is up. Now its up to us, the voters to choose. Here is my opinion: please do your research before voting. With the technology available today, there is no reason to blindly follow anyone else’s opinion. Please do at least a couple of online searches for ALL of the candidates that are running this year.

We all have our favorite candidates and issues that are important to us. The bigger picture for our area is this: What have they done for US…? that is the question. The other party, you know the one, the one who has a long history of raising taxes, corruption, and multiple taxpayer funded pensions, are asking you to vote for the same old same old. I hope you realize that if you do vote for the same old worn out, recycled political names, nothing will ever change. So, if you like picking up the paper or listening to the radio and hearing about the corrupt behavior and criminal behavior, please keep putting theme back into office or whatever office they jump to this year.

As I have been out talking to people I have found that most people are fed up. Fed up with the corruption, fed up with the same old do nothing lying politicians, and fed up with the same old corrupt political names, over and over again. In 14 days we have the power to change the course of our Valley. We have the power to see better things for us, our children, and grandchildren. Don’t they deserve the very best our Valley has to offer…?

Please think about this: ask yourself WHY… Why is our area left behind when it comes to GOOD PAYING JOBS…? Why do these same old people and political names constantly RAISE OUR TAXES…? Why aren’t YOU demanding better from these corrupt officials who keep putting their hands in our pockets…? AND, WHY DO YOU KEEP VOTING FOR THEM…? Forget Political party…!!! Forget “he is a nice guy”…!!! Start voting for what is BEST FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY…!!! What do you have to lose…? The one party control in this area has crippled us for over 50 YEARS…!!! Let’s send them a CLEAR MESSAGE THIS YEAR…!!! NO MORE CORRUPT POLITICIANS who are controlled by the party of DAVE BETRAS, NANCY PELOSI, CHUCK SCHUMER, MAXINE WATTERS, ELIZABETH WARREN…!!!

Vote Like Your Future Depends On It… BECAUSE IT DOES…!!!

Don ManningComment